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When passion meets love.

As every project begins with a simple idea, until it becomes something complex, then comes passion, which only creates confusion, different from love that is something simple, and so we must choose. Today I close the activities of the brand on the Blogger platform definitely, after almost a decade attached to this platform. Thanks Blogger! But now I'm loving Weebly! Simply welcome to the new showcase of dreams!


Mastermind Group

Looking for the next unicorn? 🦄

Luxury District will be a unique lifetime advertising club focused on daily sponsored campaigns and event coverage for brands and influencers.

Our mission is to spread the culture about wealth management in 100 world-class cities, starting in Malibu, Los Angeles, California.

Malibu, California

How long-term Benefits.

Let's share our app, marketplace, hotels, clubs and private equity, now and in the future:
  • 49% Crazy Co-Founders.
  • 7% for Nerds Advisors.
  • 7% for Loyalty Customers.
  • 7% for Partners Influencers.
  • 20% for Angel Investors.
  • 10% for Strategic Hiring.
We define exit strategies, acquisition, IPO, but wait! First request the pitch deck on.  Gust

Let's connect on social.

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Make Christmas memorable with Riva Boutique

This Christmas, give something unique: a truly exclusive product, capable of conveying special emotions while telling a tale of uncompromising excellence. Riva Boutique (, the official Riva online store, offers a vast selection of exquisite products, ranging from collectibles to designer home décor pieces, and from clothing and accessories to high-tech items. #FerrettiGroup ⛵


Once a year we take a look at the Most Expensive Watches in the World! It’s 2016 and the old 2014 and 2015 tops demand to be updated! Read more!

LA Foods you MUST Try

Los Angeles has a number of iconic areas to explore such as the fairfax village los angeles or the famous miracle mile and Museum Row that features the location of a number of famous museums. While you explore LA, don’t forget to explore the food scene in the city too! Check out these must try food in LA! #LAAC 🌭

Perini Navi and Sailing Yachts Under Construction


Perini Navi specialises in the design and construction of superyachts in aluminium and steel, as well as refit and service work. With more than 55 per cent of the world market for sailing yachts over 45m, the group’s track record is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to its in-house design capability, the brand has been able to implement without compromise its own vision, systems and innovations. Perini Navi sailing and motor yachts are renowned for their high-quality construction and interior finish, exceptional comfort and seakeeping. @PeriniNavi ⛵


Perini Navi was founded in Viareggio in 1983 when Fabio Perini launched a prototype sailing yacht with ample living space that could be sailed with a reduced crew. That vision grew into the most successful fleet of large bluewater cruisers in the world. He then expanded his operations by acquiring the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia, a pioneering builder of luxury motor vessels, followed by the Yild…