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IN STOCK 46 Dufour 2019 $445,852 Marina Del Rey, CA


Luxury District $ Your Showcase of Dreams

#LuxuryDistrict is a club where brands and influencers inspire everyone to pursue big goals.

We advertise, news and events in social media spreading the culture of wealth management, wishlist and action plan.

Our main service is the social media advertising for business and local influencers.

Let's build a team specializing in social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing working together with the best content creators and luxury consultants.

We sell advertising campaigns daily, delivering real-time analysis and measurements on key social channels.

Every day of the week for you to get inspired, plan and pursue your dreams about lifestyle, destinations, properties, aviation, yachts, cars and fashion.

Letter from the Founder

Our philosophy of doing business is simply to help anyone with more expensive dreams organize their lives through knowledge about wealth management, wish list and action plans.

It begins with the pursuit of self-knowledge, spiritual elevation, acceptance and application of good values, customs, and tools to help you choose your material possessions based on a purpose of personal and social fulfillment. Beginning to work on their lives, plans and strategies to achieve their goals.

We believe we make a positive impact by shifting the focus from immediate consumption to a consumer culture with long-term plans. We are experiencing the beginning of the shared economy, and we already see large consumer goods companies making the fractional sale of their multimillion dollar products, which have very expensive expenses, since their owners make little use of these things for a year. Therefore, the rent or charter makes these things accessible to the less fortunate who wish to experience such experiences without the need to own those possessions.

However, we will certainly be exposed to negative reviews, which is normal, but we do not care about it. For we understand that we live in a time of "hypocrisy bubble" with many people saying that material goods do not matter, etc ... we prefer to carry forward the idea that it is possible to make good use of things based on a well-defined purpose of life.

Therefore, we are first qualifying people for an acceptance mentality for a "luxurious" or "simple" lifestyle, since all these things are blessings and fruits of the human imagination, present for thousands of years of our civilization.

After all, the great problems we have today in the world are nothing more than the result of the lack of knowledge and development of a sick ego, which can only be corrected by the acceptance of a mentality of abundance. And this must follow a basic order: who we are, what we want, what and how to do.

Thus, we aim to fulfill our mission by being ambassadors of major brands interested in exposing the value and identity of their work through positive and long-term partnerships with digital influencers, spreading our message around the world.

Thank you! 🙏 

Valter Gonzaga
Valter Gonzaga


Ulysse Nardin Classic Zheng He


The Chinese Treasure Boat (or Bao-Chuan) was a type of large wooden ship in the fleet of admiral Zheng He, the renowned explorer and mariner, who led seven incredible voyages during the early 15th-century Ming Dynasty.


To accurately portray the appearance of the Zheng He Treasure Boat, Ulysse Nardin called upon its enamel specialists Donzé Cadrans for the intricate enamel cloisonné technique so valued by collectors. In this very ancient art form, which dates back to the early 4th century, craftsmen employ fine gold wire to create the compartments, within which the enamel is carefully deposited. Every cloisonné dial involves immense effort and patience, requiring 50 hours of artisanal expertise and 26 separate processes to bring a scene to vivid life.

#UlysseNardin ⌚


Malibu is a piece of California paradise. We’ve got stunning canyon trails, golden beaches, and phenomenal views of the Pacific. Needless to say, when you live or work in Malibu, there’s no shortage of things to be grateful for. Here are just 9: @SilvaHameline 🏡

The Best Time To Book A Private Jet Flight

Every year around this time, there are many stories and reports released indicating when the best time is to buy tickets for the holidays. And with November 25th, November 29th, December 23rd and December 30th the busiest days to travel this year, it’s no wonder people are looking how to spend their money wisely.

However, while there always seems to be a “magical” time to book your tickets for commercial airlines, does the same thing stand true when booking a private jet flight? Is there a certain date where private jet flights are cheaper, or a certain time from your departure date you should book to get the most out of your budget? @PrivateFly ✈